I'd like to build a little house

Beside some dusty road.

A house where strangers passing by

Might rest and ease their load.

I'd plant some trees, I'd dig a well,

That each faint passerby

Might rest and cool their parched lips

Ere courage seems to die.

I'd like to be a friend to men

Who walks the road of life,

Who walks alone, who staggers on

Amid the storm and stife.

I'd like to slip an arm of love

Around the one whose load,

With crushing force has crushed all hope

Along life's dusty road.

I'd like to light a fire of truth,

To warm the somber heart,

To draw a map back home to God,

Christ quench sin's piercing dart.

I'd like to lend a sincere smile

And as God hears my ode,

That I build a little house,

Beside life's dusty road.